What is Acupressure?

When you feel unsettled or in chock you may unconsciously place your hands over your heart to calm you down. Or during a stressful time you may start holding your face in various points with your fingers. These are not mysteries. They are a natural way of releasing tensions while promoting self healing by pressing acupoints. These acupressure points follow the lines of energy on the body called the meridian system. They were discovered by methodical observations and documented thousands years ago by Chinese doctors and Daoist practitioners. Today, in Western society we are rediscovering the healing capacity of these techniques which are natural, safe and easy to apply, once you know them. Instead of using needles, fingers apply pressure on specific points where pains and tensions accumulates. It is just a matter or energy, our human body produces electricity, and it has been proved by western scientists using a a microvolts meters that points may show a lack or excess energy (electricity) when deficients. By stimulating them we are able to re-harmonise the flow of energy within the body and work directly where the emotional trauma has left energetic scars.