WHAT IS STRETCHING THERAPY? It combines gentle movements based on the meridian system, visualisation techniques, breathing exercises, and conscious intention. Fluid Body stretching therapy and massage restores the life energy within oneself and creates positive changes for you, your loved ones, and planet Earth. Learning to relax and breathe while stretching is integral to developing your flexibility and healing capacities, working directly within the mind-body network at a cellular and energetic level. (Please see below the various type of stretching and yoga.)



"If you could stretch every day, you would feel so great!"


Stretching is a simple and natural way to feel good and enhance your well-being. Some simple exercises can release muscular tensions and the stresses captured and crystallised in the body but only if it is practiced in the rhythm of your natural breath and from a place of relaxation. The human body is mostly made of fluids (water, blood, lymph). Water represents more than 60% of adult weight and 94% of a 5-month-old fetus. When we stretch, we maintain the body's tissue hydration, the muscles feel relaxed, and we can experience this energy flow through our daily movements.


The feel good effect you get while stretching means your exercise is effective and you are regenerating your body tissues and cells by providing a good supply of oxygen through enhanced blood, lymph, and fluids circulation. If stretching hurts, you are stretching with your mind, not your body. You are forcing yourself into the stretches, which can create micro-tears into the muscles tissues, and of course, it hurts. To demonstrate this idea clearer, sometimes and unconsciously, we might perform a stretch in the middle of the day, at work or anywhere, just because we let the body express its need. It is almost autonomic, and it just happens. This is the whole idea behind Fluid Body. 


My teaching is personal, practical, and based on our energy system (the meridians flow). I admit it is a bit spiritual, and it works well. Skin appearance, relaxation, toning & detox effect are some benefits, just by stretching, breathing, and sometimes meditating. It is simple and efficient. Any of my classes re-energise your body and mind, improving your flexibility while reducing stress, anxiety and chronic pains. Your stress is stretched away and you feel great. Additional benefits include better blood circulation, longer and leaner muscles, and a toned body. 


I also teach with the quality of Fluid body technique, Yin Yoga, Yin Energy Flow, Flowing Pilates, and Partner stretch (greater flexibility). These sessions benefit anyone, regardless of fitness level or degree of flexibility.




Feel energised, toned, and leaner


Yin yoga is a deeply meditative, calming, and healing practice that promotes relaxation and energy circulation within the meridian system, targeting the body's connective tissues. Most postures are usually sitting, prone, or lying. My classes are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism sacred wisdom, and Western new scientific discoveries.


Yin sequences can help release emotional tension associated with fear (Kidney/bladder), overthinking (spleen/stomach), sadness (lungs/Large intestine), impatience (Heart/Small intestine), anger (Liver/Gallbladder), and how these emotions affect the physical body with back pains, digestive issues, neck issues, stiffness, headache.


I offer a unique insight into the yin yoga practice, incorporating the oldest form of Qi-gong, Daoyin movements in-between the poses to let energy and blood flow freely. You awaken your energy, improve your flexibility, re-align your spine and elongate your body.



Improve Sleep, Tiredness, Fatigue Or Exhaustion


Enhance your suppleness to a high level


Partner stretching is a powerful way to enhance your flexibility. We will help each other to achieve your goals. It is devised for people training regularly, martial art practitioners, and athletes looking to enhance their performances. This session is based on the same principle of Fluid Body practice. You will feel relaxed, stretched, toned and exhilarated! 

Private classes only.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupressure Treatments