Nathalie´s Fluid Body Wellness is one of the service of exception in London, from which you emerge feeling totally renewed, physically back in shape and emotionally at your best. 


Combining a selection of scientifically proven ancestral healing techniques from Eastern and Western body-mind traditions. Nathalie harmonise, restore and revive the mind, body and soul with vinyasa yoga, stretching exercises, energy work, meditation, visualisation, energy psychology and therapeutic acupressure massage treatments.


It is the perfect method to treat yourself to the richness of energy bodywork and feel amazing.

I feel extremely lucky to have facilitated the well-being of amazing souls from busy mothers, executives, celebrities and royalties. These holistic practices and therapies are beneficial to anyone and always customised to your needs. 


THE Qi-MASSAGE THERAPIES, might be part of your treatment if your experience strong physical pain, this fully clothes massage provides a fast pain and stress release. Muscular tension, uncomfortable body sensation are replaced by a wonderful effect of liberation. After any of our massage treatments you should feel pain-less, relaxed & rejuvenated. Nathalie's intuitive hands might detect the reason why you are suffering. Be ready to hear surprising facts about yourself.


THE PHYSICAL EXERCISES PRACTICE, (Therapeutic Taoist stretching, Flowing pilates, Fluid yoga) strengthen, tone and enhances your suppleness while awakening your body potential. You will feel longer, leaner, toned, and stretched, calm & happier. 


THE ENERGY WORK THERAPYReiki, creative visualisation, breathing exercises, tapping techniques (EFT) & meditation techniques to help you face the difficulties you are facing in life. Understanding the sources of your negative emotions, sickness and recurring pain and learning to move on.


Whether you need to shape your body, relax or flatten your stomach. Fluid Body private sessions can help you achieve your goal with exercises that respect the mind and body, while encouraging self-healing. These stretching exercises stimulate the energy channels (Qi), namely the meridian system as known in the traditional Chinese medicine and provide immediate benefits such as restoring energy level and rejuvenating organs, tissues and skin appearance.

With these exercises you build lean muscle mass by using the body´s own resistance. You stretch your stress away, improve your flexibility, re-align your spine, tone and elongate your body without sweating. These sessions are proven effective in helping with chronic back pain conditions and stiffness, as well as emotional imbalances.

Please check our shop section to order your DVD: Release your stress, neck and back pain.



Founded on medical Qi-gong and chinese massage technique with acupressure. Our Energy Re-balance massage is deeply effective on stress related ailments and general muscular pains, while promoting a rapid sense of calm and well being. It stimulates the points of the meridian system, stretches the myofascia and enhance the blood and lymph circulation, encouraging a smoother flow of energy. Gentle and strong finger & palm pressure are applied on the meridians in tune with the natural rhythm of your breath. Please check our therapy section for the whole range of therapies offered.


If your life is stressful, if you work at a desk or stand all day, feel stiff, weak, have back problems or difficult blood circulation, then Fluid Body can help relieve simple daily illnesses or old injury residue with the aim of improving your well-being.